What's the number one concern of teachers? They want their students to learn and to succeed. One of the best reasons to use Cyber High is the personal ownership it inspires within students. As students progress through their Units and get immediate feedback on their work, a strong connection is forged. Teachers can not only use Cyber High as a primary method of instruction, but they can also use it in a blended learning format, or they can supplement the courses as needed for students who might need extra assistance, information, activities, etc. As teachers make determinations about what their individual students need to succeed, Cyber High can be the tool they use to help each student reach his or her fullest potential. As students pass Unit exams and immediately earn tangible high school credit, they are inspired to press forward and succeed.

Student Data

Cyber High's extensive reporting features will allow you to more effectively manage your student's activity and progress. At a glance, educators can tell how their entire classes or how individual students are performing, allowing real-time, data-driven decision making.

Classroom Management

Organizing your students is important, especially when it comes to online learning. Whether you are responsible for students in one traditional classroom, in multiple class periods, in a lab setting, or in a summer school, Cyber High's classroom functions allow single point-of-access oversight and management.