Why Cyber High?

Online courses are no longer a novel concept; in fact, Cyber High began offering online curriculum to students more than 16 years ago. Today, online education is not just for credit recovery, but it is also used to enhance instructional methodologies that drive students' everyday learning, significantly increasing on-time graduation rates. Cyber High offers an economical online learning solution that empowers your school or district to meet academic goals through individual student achievement.

Key benefits of Cyber High:

  • Cyber High is a mastery-based program of quality, standards-based, rigorous courses that will engage your students and help increase graduation rates.
  • Cyber High does not compete for your ADA.
  • Cyber High is the value leader in online education.
  • Cyber High is easy to use.

What Makes Cyber High Unique?

Cyber High is a product of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools: FCSS is the third largest County Office of Education in the state of California. When you purchase Cyber High, you're also purchasing the experience of over 400 educators.

Cyber High is a Non-Profit Organization: We know that educators have limited resources and our financial goal is simple: Maximize your return in achieving student learning outcomes and by increasing graduation rates.

Cyber High Offers the Right Features for Student and Teacher Success: Have you ever used a program that advertised numerous features and then opened it only to realize that you only used a few of them? If you're like most of us, the answer is yes. Cyber High doesn't up-sell you on features that you won't use. Cyber High is designed by educators for educators to deliver the features you need to best serve your students.

Cyber High Listens: We value the opinions and suggestions of our users, and we offer several opportunities within our program for our customers to communicate directly with our team. We use that feedback to help us enhance and update our system to make it the most user-friendly product on the market and to help give you the tools you need to effectively educate your students.